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    Why Green Power Pros

    Solar Panel Installation

    When it comes to solar panel installation, we have 10 years of home improvement experience, Green Power Pros is the trusted name in solar panel installations.

    Green Power Pros is your one-stop shop for affordable residential and commercial solar panel installations and roofing. Our team of certified installers & technicians work with your budget to create turnkey Photovoltaic (PV) systems and custom solar designs for any location.

    We pride ourselves on using acclaimed products for all solar modules, inverters & batteries. We give you the best in the industry to save you more money. Our modules provide enhanced reliability, high performance on small surfaces. This is how outstanding performance is built. We connect all solar panels with top-of-the-line Inverters for the highest efficiency and round the clock monitoring access.

    Solar is more affordable than ever and if you jump on board this year, homeowners can receive up to 26% if ELIGIBLE as a federal tax credit. Call us for a free quote. We offer zero-down financing, so you don’t pay anything upfront. And all our products and installations come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

    There are so many reasons to solarize your home or business.

    Solar Installation

    When you want affordable solar panel installations and roofing, look no further than Green Power Pros

    Home Solar Installation & Repair

    Whether you’re adding solar panels to your roof or on the ground, we make the process simple and efficient. The process starts with a free estimate.

    Call us today, we’ll answer your questions.

    Commercial Solar Installation & Repair

    Become an Eco-Friendly business by creating your own electricity with commercial solar panels. With our innovative installations, you could be saving upwards of 80% on your electric bill. Increase your bottom line.

    We use products backed by a warranty

    Did You Know?

    The cost of a Solar Energy System has dropped by 75% over the past
    decade. Solar Power is safer and more affordable than the
    energy from the utility company.

    Help the Earth by Producing Clean Renewable Energy

    The Sun provides an infinite source of light. This light, called Photons, is what solar panels take in to create power for homes or businesses. It is clean, harmless and sustainable.

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    Decrease Reliance on Gas/Oil
    (Carbon Footprint)

    Coal, Gas, and Oil are the primary sources for electricity. Unfortunately, when we burn these “fossil fuels”, it pollutes the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Relying on Solar Panels for energy greatly reduces the demand for these harmful energy sources.

    Prompt And Professional

     Green Power Pros was prompt and professional with their service. They answered all of my questions and even painted my conduit to match my existing stucco at no additional cost they truly went above and beyond I am extremely happy and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

    – Michael J.