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At Green Power Pros, we are passionate about solar. Our journey began when we learned about the infinite benefits of renewable energy. Since then, our passion has led to 10 years of experience helping people save money and reach their solar power goals.

  • Employ licensed technicians with expert knowledge of residential and commercial solar installations.
  • Care about our clients and their needs.
  • Offer free estimates and guarantee the best pricing.
  • Make paying for installations and roofing easy with our zero-down financing.
  • Design and build true turn-key photovoltaic systems that last for decades.
  • Back our products with a 25-Year Warranty.

Solar Power Made Simple

We understand that transitioning to solar energy can be daunting at first. Luckily, we simplify and streamline the entire process. From initial custom designs to grid integration, you can be sure you’re in good hands. And, once the solar installation is complete, we’ll walk you through the specifics of how your individual solar PV unit works. You’ll be able to monitor your electricity production using a simple software interface.

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Ask us about our referral program, nothing gets better than free cash for referrals that sign with us.

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